CostaComs provides the Best Website Services in Costa del Sol. We follow the best web development practices, giving more importance to Security,Search Engine Optimization, User Interactivity, User friendly Interfaces.

Web 2.0 Applications, We provide Web 2.0 solutions, supporting user interactivity. "Web 2.0" refers to web development and web design that facilitates interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and collaboration on the World Wide Web.
A typical Web 2.0 website characteristics include:

Search: The availability of search Keywords.
Links : Links to the related resources.
Authoring: Authoring facility to the content, and rating.
Tags : Categorisation of content using tags.
Signals : The use of syndication technologies like RSS and Atom feeds to notify the users with the frequent changes in content.

CostaComs provides the Web services related to Tourism, Travel and Hotel Management, Weather Updates and many more.
Web services are automated information services that are conducted over the Internet, using standardized technologies and formats/protocols that simplify the exchange and integration of large amounts of data over the Internet.
These services include communication between applications using SOAP, XML RPC,WSDL and many more.

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